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SITE Canada Education Day 2019 - Sold Out

Oct 29, 2019


Our global industry is constantly impacted by change. While the industry continues to expand there are new demands with shortened deadlines; expanding inventory in key destinations; rising interest with all-inclusive resorts; expectation for authentic experiences and more! This shows we are continually shifting gears to meet client demands. Education Day will deliver content sharing “tools, techniques and things” to consider as we all Shift our Thinking!


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Below is an at a glance agenda for the day. 
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Join us for a breakfast from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM

Morning General Session 1:

How to Solve a Problem - Discover the winning way to think better, faster and brighter, delivered by an events and experiential Creative Director who has led hundreds of teams through successful ideation. 

Jason Thomson, Creative Director, Jigsaw

Morning General Session 2: 

Emotional Intelligence - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps understand and recognize that intangible “Something” in each one. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. 

Scott Sawyer, SLS Performance

Sponsored by: Colours of Malta

Morning Breakout Sessions - 1 hour sessions, choose 1

Track 1: Sustainability Part 1 this session will give attendees a higher level of sustainability awareness, up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening with event sustainability standards and a solution to motivate beginners while enhancing advanced sustainability practitioners’ sustainability toolkits.

Sponsored by: Fox Har'br Resort

Suzanne Burke, Climate Reality Leader and Ben Sauvage, DMCP, CMP, CIS, Founder and CEO, Connect DMC

Track 2: Shifting Mindsets: Agility, Managing Change and Fostering Innovation by Second City - This unique, fun and highly interactive keynote presentation by Second City Works features experiential Improv-based activities designed around the conference theme to encourage more effective communication, increase preparedness for the unexpected and to leverage collaboration in support of greater innovation. 

Sandy Jobin-Bevans and Shari Hollett, Second City Works

Track 3: The Power of Creative Problem Solving by OCAD U CO - In this workshop, you will learn a specific creative problem-solving technique, and experience the power of applying it to the travel industry.

Emily Krause, Innovation Programs at OCAD U CO


Interactive Networking Lunch

Sponsored by: stop DMC








Afternoon Breakout Sessions  - 1 hour sessions, choose 1

Note: The afternoon breakout sessions for Track 2 and Track 3 are the same as the morning sessions.  Track 1 is a different session but Part 1 is not mandatory to participate in Part 2.

Track 1: Sustainability Part 2 - Learn how to build your roadmap to sustainability by identifying your business values, setting sustainability targets and developing sustainability policies. A roadmap is designed to guide companies toward corporate sustainability leadership and support a more sustainable global economy.

Sponsored by: Fox Har'br Resort

Jane Scaletta, DMCP, CIS, President, Dolfin Destinations and Ben Sauvage, DMCP, CMP, CIS, Founder and CEO, Connect DMC

Track 2: Shifting Mindsets: Agility, Managing Change and Fostering Innovation by Second City (same as morning session)

Track 3: The Power of Creative Problem Solving by OCAD U CO (same as morning session)

Afternoon General Session: 

Big Ideas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

In this high energy, experiential session, Marilyn Barefoot founder of Barefoot Brainstorming, will take you through a process guaranteed to bring about a shift in thinking.You’ll stretch your brain with divergent and convergent thinking, and you‘ll wrap up the day armed with tools to effectively work through any challenge … not to mention loads of big, new ideas!
Marilyn Barefoot, Founder, Barefoot Brainstorming

Sponsored by: Meet in Ireland

Closing Keynote Presentation:


People used to vote with their wallet but now they vote with their time. Winning that time has never been more difficult and staying top of mind is even tougher.

The answer to cutting through and building trust doesn’t isn’t found in a sea of management jargon. It’s based on three words: Think. Do. Say.

Great people and great organizations succeed in this busy, busy world based on:

1. What they think: The purpose behind the person or company.

2. What they do: How they behave to reinforce the purpose.

3. What they say: How they talk about what they believe and how they act.


This session will be your guide to making good things happen for you and your organization, filled with down-to-earth insight and indispensable humor.

Ron Tite, Founder and CEO, Church and State

Closing Networking Reception



8:00 am to 5:30 pm


130 Queens Quay East
East Tower Floor 4R, Toronto, ON

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